Hoppe SecuSan

Prosel Metal is proud to announce that sales and distributes Hoppe handle - SecuSan® – The new hygiene standard The issue of "hygiene" has been the subject of public concern for many years and is currently more topical than ever before – be it in clinics, schools, industry or leisure facilities. With the SecuSan® door…
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Partition Systems

PARTITION SYSTEMS The right partition wall for every space. You can perfectly transforms your ideas into reality with Prosel's six products areas: PROSEL VITRUM Glass to Glass - Single Glass System Designed with top and bottom frame profiles, Vitrum allows maximum light to spaces through transparent joints between glass panels. With its affordable European design,…
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Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are one of the best modern inventions. All we have to do is walk up to the door and it magically opens for us. An automatic door is a closing or opening through the use of automated technology. Doors come in many types, such as revolving, rotating, sliding and telescoping. [vr][/vr] The automatic…
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