Automatic sliding doors

  • Prosel sliding door 1
  • Prosel sliding door 2
  • Prosel sliding door 300×200
  • prosel sliding door entrance
  • Prosel sliding door

The automatic sliding doors from are used to implement the widest range of application requirements within a building.

They are compact, durable, power saving, and can be enhanced with a variety of security and safety options.

Boomerang ST - Excellent architectural design. Elegant and compact size, completely meets your requirements. Boomerang ST provides up to 120 kg and 100 kg load carrying capacities for single leaf and double leaf types respectively. Reliable uninterrupted operation. It is designed to provide the best performance. It maintenance it's regular operation for 30 min during power failure thanks to rechargeable power supply. Efficient remote control. Boomerang ST is remote controlled with integrated microprocessor suitable for microwave radar, button , remote controlled operation and integration with building automation system via card access. Adjustable opening/closing rate between 10 to 140 cm/s.