Anti-panic automatic sliding doors

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  • prosel anti-panic automatic sliding door

The anti-panic automatic sliding doors.

Best solution for life safety. Boomerang AP provides the emergency exit in case of panic or evacuation of the building and structures. It incorporates a door mechanism either on fixed and/or mobile portion of the sliding door, consisting of special accessories mountable and a system on a rail profile. The panic door open outside by hitting on fixed and/or movable leaves from inside. It ensures effective emergency evacuation from shopping centers, supermarkets, airports, hospitals or any other buildings with intensive people traffic. Following the recovery after the emergency case, the panic door is easy restored to it's normal operation after doors are placed in correct positions.

Best solution for daily functional use. During summer time to provide easy access to in and out, anti-panic automatic sliding door can be folded outwards. Easy access for bulky material transportation. Superior architectural design. Just like Boomerang ST automatic sliding door, Boomerang AP can carry the load 100kg for double leaf and 120kg for single leaf. Operation reliability. Same as for standard sliding door, Boomerang AP maintains its regular operation for about 30 min after power failure thanks to rechargeable battery. It optionally resumes opened or closed stand-by position after 30 min emergency operation. Efficient and excellent remote control. Boomerang AP with multi functioned integrated controller is suitable for use with radar, button or remote control operation and integration with building automation system via card access. Adjustable opening/closing rate between 10 to 140 cm/s.

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